ATTENTION: Billions Of Dollars Are Being Lost Every Year In Digital Product Industry!

It is common that people likes to share good things with friends. And with today's advance internet technology, people share things even with strangers in various ways such as by posting in the forums, blogs, and social networking sites and by forward emails.

"The Lightning Fast Sharing Power"

This way your digital product could be shared by thousands of people on the Internet within 5 minutes.

And that mean you can easily lost tens of thousands of dollars overnight. I know it sounds insane but the truth is always the ugly one.

If you're selling a digital product for $197 and there are five hundred people who download it for free.

Can you imagine how much are you loosing?

Do the math; you will get the amount $98,500. (You lost nearly hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight)


Top 3 Worst Cases Happening:
  • Product being shared over the Internet and nobody going to buy your product...
  • Internet thefts download your product for free and you pay for the hosting bandwidth...
  • Super affiliates refuse to promote your product

You have invested money, time and effort to get the business going but at the end you suffer loss because of the Internet theft issue.

How To Avoid, Prevent And Fix It

But the good news is that... there are numerous ways to protect your download pages and files from the Internet thefts.

  • Make your download page name longer and mix with numbers.
  • Try not to upload the product files into the same directory as the download page.
  • Insert the robot code to block the search engine to index your download page.
  • Setup password protect directory.
  • Change your download location more often to prevent someone sharing the same URL.
  • Manually attach the download files into the email and then send to your clients.

But before you seek for solution to stop the Internet theft, you have to know what methods they use to share your products over the Internet.

Online thief is one of the problems I face when selling information product online.

I have been looking at kind of protection service around and it either charged a monthly fee or it is over hundreds of dollars. For someone who does not have a big budget, will never ever going to solve this problem.

I really want to thank you for coming out with such a product that will solve the entire theft problem online. Best of all it is very easy to install. Thanks for the great software!

I have been selling ebooks and software on my website for years and I know how important it is to protect the download files from thieves who will try almost anything to get hold of the products for free.

Easy Download Guard is just like it says, its easy to install and it guards my download files. I can set how long I want the download link to be live for each new customer and I can generate temporary download links for customers who, for whatever reason, didn't download the files.

I highly recommend Easy Download Guard to anyone who wants to prevent their files from being stolen.


First Find Out Where's The Loophole Is!

Watch Over My Shoulder... How The
Internet Thieves 'Steal' Your Products!

*This video reveals many unethical download methods. We have to request your
email address to send you a secret link to watch the video.



Don't Invest In Any Software, Until You Read This...

Software is a tool that makes your life easier and does most of the manual work on behalf of you. When you buy software, you must make sure that THREE important things are included in it. Otherwise you will have to spend a lot of time to get the software working.

1. Installation As Easy As A,B,C

Firstly, you have to install software before you can actually start using it. If you can't easily get through the installation steps, then the software is just like a car without gasoline. So, make sure the software installation is as easy as A, B, C. The installation should be done within 10 minutes or less. (If you found any software that needs you to spend hours to install, just throw it away!!)

2. User Friendly Interface

Software comes with user manual guide that makes it easy for users to learn how to use the software. But some software is very complex and requires a lot more time to understand. They're just so hard to understand that even the manual guide that comes with it is of no use. So, if you spend more than a day to learn how to use any software, send it to the recycle bin!

3. 80% Bugs Free

There are companies that sell low quality software that contains bugs. It is really frustrating to know that you had spent your hard earned money on a software that has bugs which then take years to get fixed. So, if a company does not state that their software is 80% bugs free; make sure you contact them before placing your order.


Easy Download Guard
Your 24 hours peace of mind internet bodyguard!

Automate Download Protection

Compatible With Most Affiliate Systems

99% Bugs Free

This software is built from the ground up with the latest technology that gives you better security and also provides easy to use features.

Compatible With Most Affiliate And Online Payment System
Clickbank, PayDotCom, Click2Sell, Paypal, 2Checkout and more.

Ultimate Download Protection
Download file location hidden by advanced security system.
(Watch video)
Expire-Time Management
Set the time frame to make the download link expire.

Sorry Webpage Redirector
Your customer will be sent to the sorry webpage if the download is expired - fully customizable.
Automated Link Generator
The system will automatically generate new expire link for your customers after they make payment.

Master Control Panel
Manage all different products in one single admin system.


Remember, you don't have to change a new affiliate system to use Easy Download Guard, because it works with most famous affiliate tracking systems like Clickbank, PayDotCom, Click2Sell and many. This feature alone already saves you hundreds of dollar and hassle.

Here's the full list of the features:

  • Compatible with 95% web hosting companies on the Internet - basic requirements are Linux server, PHP, mySQL and support .htaccess
  • Installation as easy as 1,2,3 - even newbie can complete the installation process within 5 minutes.
  • User friendly interface - simple wizard allow user to set and manage campaigns easily.
  • Compatible with most affiliate and online payment system - Clickbank, PayDotCom, Click2Sell, Paypal, 2Checkout and many more.
  • Expire-time management - set the time frame to make the download link expire.
  • Ultimate download protection - download file location hidden by advanced security system (Your client will never know where's the actual file location!)


  • One click generator - generate new download link for your client with just a click.
  • Download link remover - you can delete the generated download link anytime.
    (This feature usually apply to the client who request payment refund)

  • Sorry webpage - Your client will be redirected to the sorry webpage if the download link is expired. (The webpage is fully customizable in any HTML Editor)
  • Master control panel - manage all your products in one single admin panel.

If you want to apply Easy Download Guard to your existing website and affiliate system, this can be done easily. You just need to set up download page in “Easy Download Guard” and then update your affiliate system product return URL. That's it! You don't need to do anything to your sales letter webpage or change any settings in your order button neither.

Software Installation And User Guide Included

(Both For Newbie and Advanced Users)

Software installation and user guide comes in TWO versions. The first one is for newbie - who has never installed any software before. It includes step by step screenshot. The second version is for experienced or advance user who just needs some quick instructions.

(Manual Guide Format: PDF)


You'll Never Worry About Your Product Being
Stolen... Even While You Are On A Vacation in Hawaii!

By using "Easy Download Guard", you can cut down the stolen risk and give your super affiliates more confident to promote your product.

If you're serious about your online business, you should get "Easy Download Guard" and plug into your online business as soon as possible. The more you wait the more money you will be losing!

I Know You Are Serious!

I know you're serious; otherwise you would have already closed this page. So I decided to add a Fast Action Bonus along with your purchase. This is one of the best plug-in for your business. You will be blown away once you know how powerful it is. But before I disclose my fast action bonus, let me share something with you:

Why Make Million When You Can Make Billion? You might not realize that many clients want to spend more money on your business but they don't know how.

When your client makes their first purchase on your site, this mean they have already build a trust with you. At the same time, they're still in a buying mood. If you have proper strategies and tactics, you can easily convince your clients to hand you their credit card by buying more offers from you.

That's cool, right?

If you can psychologically convince your client that they must take your offer to avoid losing the advantages, I'm sure you will see your sales instantly skyrocketing off the chart.

Can you imagine that?

I know it seems like a lot of work to do, and lesson to learn but you can easily apply them by using the bonus plug-in that I'm going to let you take home as a fast action bonus today.

Fast Action Bonus - "Robot Sales Generator" Plug-in
(Worth $500)

This is a set & forget advance concept that handles your upsell and backend offer automatically. Robot Sales Generator will be your best 24 hours sales manager that work for you non stop to help you take more order from your clients. Yeah, you set it once and forget it.

What you will get:

Robot Sales Generator Script
This is the powerful money making script at the backend selling hot cakes for you.
Robot Sales Generator Installation Guide
In this guide you will lead through the whole process with full screenshots and step by step instructions how to setup the system.
Robot Sales Generator Installation Video Tutorial
This is the extra video tutorial for those people who prefer to learn from the video instead of going through the manual guide.
Advanced Strategies And Tactics Report
You will discover how to apply the advanced strategies and tactics in your backend offer and follow up selling process in order to have your clients purchase after purchase effect.

Are You Ready To Integrate Easy Download Guard and Robot Sales Generator Into Your Business? Well Make Sure You Do It Before Your Competitors Do!

5 Extra Bonuses (Worth $1,000) - Yours Absolutely Free

I'm a serious person when it comes to business, and I don't want to leave anything behind. There are several products that will help your business grow. Instead of upselling you more offer, I decided to give them to you as free bonuses. I do this for one purpose... to sell more copies of my software.

These are professionally special designed templates for your "Easy Download Guard" download page and time-expired page. You save hundreds of dollars on getting these from the graphic designer. This is a $197 value but yours free.

Use the most advanced Web 2.0 websites and drive the maximum amount of traffic possible to your websites. Learn the effective methods that top internet marketers are hiding in their closets. This is a $299 value but you get it at no extra cost.

This is the audio course developed by the Internet top gun Patric Chan. Yes, here is your chance to learn the tested and proven upsell strategies and tactics from the world class Internet marketer. This audio course is being sold for $49.90 at but you get it absolutely free.

Manage all your products and websites from a single control panel. If you have been using 2Checkout to sell products on the Internet, you already know that 2Checkout only allows one domain name for each account. If you have a different domain name product website, then you need to open another 2Checkout account. 2Checkout Download Guard v2 will solve your problems. You can host all your products with different domain names into this control panel. It also prevents someone stealing your products through the 2Checkout loophole setting. It's a $200 value but you get it at zero cost.

With this exclusive technical support, you can contact my trained technical team anytime incase of any question about the software. You can also seek for our technical advice if you're not sure about any integration that you want to do with the software. (Value: $500)

Alright, I Have Included Everything I Had To Make It A No-Brainer Package... Now The Decision Is YOURS!!

Whether you decide to get it or not, it's your choice. You can continue doing what you're currently doing without making your business grow. Or you can make more money!!

Think about this, your affiliate partners spending time, money and effort to bring sales for you. But your products can be easily accessed by anyone for free. Do you think your affiliate partners still want to do business with you?

Also... your clients paid you money for the product. What if they know other people can get your product for free; do you think your clients will buy your next product?

Now you know what to do next... Get the "Easy Download Guard" to protect and make your business grow. Click Here To Get Easy Download Guard Now

"How Much Is My Investment?"

Everything comes with a price. I have spent thousands of dollar, effort and time on the software development from building the software from scratch until fixing the errors and improving the system functions to fit the current market.

I feel you should pay at least $497 for the package. Before I start charging $497... you can get the package for a one time investment of $497 $67 only. Why I do this?

I want to build my software brand in the market. This will be a win-win business. You get the package at an exceptional price and I get to build my brand. Awesome!

You Invest The Software... I Will Bear The Risk For 30 Days!
(No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee!!)

That's right! When you invest $497 $67 on "Easy Download Guard" today, you will have 30 days to test drive the software. If somehow you're not satisfied with the product - for whatever reasons; you can request your full money back. No questions asked!

There is absolutely no risk on you. You pay nothing if the software does not work as mentioned on this page. Just contact me within 30 days and I will refund your money.

You're Just A Step Away To Get The "Easy Download Guard"

YES, I want to get the "Easy Download Guard" package right away.

I understand that I will get the "Easy Download Guard" system and also all the bonuses stated above for a one time investment of $497 $67 only. I can test drive the software for full 30 days, if I'm not satisfied with it, I can request full refund within 30 days.

(Order online safely and securely. All orders processed and secured by Paypal -- You're 100% protected from unauthorized payments with 24/7 monitoring to prevent fraud. Click the order button above, fill in your details, and instantly download Easy Download Guard package.)

To your success,

Sean Tan

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